Chania is one of the most beautiful locations in Greece. The city's heritage is a mixture of different civilizations. The most prominent ones include the Byzantine, Arab, Venetian, and Ottoman eras. Being a mixture of diverse cultures and social values, there is so much beauty to enjoy here, you 'll find the whole summer vacations are not enough. A perfect tourist sight for foreign and local tourists; here’s a tiny sample of everything you can enjoy when in Chania.

Elafonisi Beach

Crystal turquoise waters and pinkish-white sand is a sight to witness. The scenic beauty of the beach and the availability of facilities like sunbeds, coffee shops and umbrellas will help you enjoy and make memories with your friends and family. You can swim in the crystal clear waters or have a good walk with your partner. Besides, a picturesque landscape can give photo lovers the perfect backdrop. Be it the selfies or group photos, you 'll have a lot of material to post on social media.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is the national park of Chania that too displays an epic beauty. The White Mountains in the Park will welcome you to walk around, hike, and enjoy the beauty of the rare view. The greenery all around in the form of long trees, shady bushes, and colorful flowers will keep you in awe. A 13km hike track is part of Samaria Gorge, so you can spend a couple of hours here enjoying the hike. Being close to nature, you can let go of worldly tensions while capitalizing on the moments you have found with your family.

Balos Lagoon

The tourists looking for an adventurous ride to reach a beautiful sight can accomplish their dream by visiting Balos Lagoon. With numerous entertainment activities available, you will find scenic beauty and an opportunity to have fun with your family. Whether it is a simple walk or a boating excursion, you cannot find any better place than Balos Lagoon in Chania.

Old Venetian Port

One of the tourist locations in Chania is the Old Venetian Port. This is a marvelous place for individuals who want to look at the city from a historical angle. The design truly reflects the Venetian architecture, and amazingly it is still intact, offering the visitors a sight worth seeing. Lighthouse and Firka Fortresses are the main buildings to visit. Evening to dusk is one of the best times for a walk near the lighthouse. You wouldn't regret your visit.

Municipal Market

The municipal market provides the tourists with another historical and entertaining location to spend their time. This market is regarded as one of the oldest markets in Chania. Although, not as much glorified as in the olden times. Still, you can spend a few hours in the market, buying the local crafts and souvenirs for your friends. The overall feel of the place will make you fall in love with it.